We are very proud of our Heritage – both of our owners were born in Greece and our love for our country we hope is shown in our Greek sweets. Our standard range of Greek sweets includes:

  • Galaktoboureko: A smooth semolina custard baked in a fillo pastry with lashings of syrup – best seller!
  • Kataifi: “string” pastry that is wrapped around an aromatic blend of spices and almonds and then swims in syrup
  • Baklava: an international favourite, roasted almonds and cinnamon in a flaky fillo pastry baked to perfection and covered in syrup
  • Almond rolls: sweet little morsels of almonds and cinnamon wrapped in fillo pastry
  • Gianniotiko: And almond roll, but with the addition of kataifi inside – a two in one marvel!
  • Bougatsa: Semolina custard wrapped in a fillo pastry and dusted with icing sugar – enjoyed hot or cold!
  • Melomakarona: Honey spice moist biscuits that are traditionally enjoyed during holiday season, however we enjoy and make them all year long
  • Kourabiedes: Crescent vanilla crumbly biscuit with roasted almonds and generously coated in icing sugar
  • Amygdalota: Almond macaroons
  • Ergolavoi – A crescent shaped almond macaron with an extra flaky almond layer
  • Tylikta – The “gift”- an oval shaped delight of sponge, syrup and chocolate buttercream, immersed completely in a decadent chocolate
  • Rizogalo – Rice pudding that will rival any you’ve ever tasted!

We also have a special range that comes out “once in a while” but oh, that while! Worth waiting for and grab it before it goes!

  • Karidopitta: Dark, spiced walnut cake soaked in a light syrup
  • Yiaourtopitta: Amber yoghurt cake that is surprisingly light and semi-sweet, in a light syrup
  • Karida: Amber coconut cake slice drenched in light syrup
  • Sara-Gli: Roasted almond and sesame “snails” – shaped filo pastry in a sweet syrup and with extra crunch!